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Business Incentives

  1. Tax and duty free exemptions on imported raw materials, supplies, capital equipment and other items for consumption within the Freeport.
  2. No national and local taxes/fees - such as value- added taxes, excise and ad valorem taxes, property tax, franchise tax and local government fees on permits.
  3. Exemption from all local and national taxes with only a 5% final taxon gross income earned from activities within the Freeport computed based on Gross Sales less the following "allowable deductions" depending on the activities such as manufacturing,infrastructure, development and service, in reference to Section  57 of the Rules and Regulations implementing R.A. 7227, as amended by R.A. 9400.
    • Raw Materials
    • Intermediate goods & finished products
    • Production/services supervision salaries
    • Direct salaries, wages or labor expenses
    • Financing charges associated with fixed assets
    • Supplies and fuels used in the production/rendering services
    • Rent and utility charges associated with buildings and equipment
    • Depreciation, lease payments, or other expenditures on building and equipment
  4. Income tax holiday
  5. 100% foreign ownership (except for activities where foreign ownerships are restricted by the Philippine Constitution)
  6. Liberal foreign exchange regulations  
    * No exchange policy  
    * Market for foreign exchange, gold,securities and future are allowed
    * Ease in repatriation of capital and profits.
  7. Access to domestic market of up to 30% of its production.
    SBF Enterprises may generate income from sources within the Customs Territory of up to thirty percent (30%) of its total income from all sources, provided, that should an SBF Enterprises income from sources within the Customs Territory exceed thirty percent (30%) of its total income from all sources, then it shall be subject to the income tax laws of the Customs Territory; provided, further, that in any case, customs duties and taxes must be paid with respect to income from sales and articles to the Customs Territory
  8. Availability of residency visas - Three types are available:
    • Temporary Working Permit and Special Subic-Clark Working Visa  
    • Special Subic Investor's Visa  
    • Permanent Residence Visa  
  9. Visa-free entry for 14 days, renewable - Foreign nationals can also visit areas outside the Freeport and extend their stay beyond 14-day period upon securing a landing visa waiver from the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) which SBDMC can help investors obtain from the Freeport.


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