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Master Plan


SBDMC is poised to transform Subic Bay Gateway Park (SBGP) into a Gateway Commercial and Industrial Park with the updating and upgrading of its development master plan. SBDMC embarked on the Redevelopment Master Plan to make SBGP more competitive and more responsive to the prevailing economic conditions as well as to take advantage of emerging market opportunities. The general objectives of the Redevelopment Master Plan is to induce commercial investments including necessary urban services in the existing development, to promote synergy among investors and to productively develop new areas. It is meant to complement SBMA's comprehensive master plan for the Subic Bay Freeport Zone (SBFZ) particularly the development of the Subic Gateway District and the overall thrust of SBFZ as a major maritime hub. It also aims to prepare SBGP to play a vital role in the emerging development of the Subic-Clark Development Corridor (SCADC). The Redevelopment Master Plan focuses on formulating the development strategies, restructuring the zoning and circulation of the area to align with the strategies and setting the general development guidelines to guide the further growth of SBGP. The Redevelopment Master Plan aims to convert SBGP from an industrial park into a mixed-use commercial complex that will have a mix of commercial, civic, residential and park-like facilities. From an industrial park, SBGP will be converted into a regional commercial outlet center that caters to local and international markets and complements the facilities of Olongapo City and SBFZ. Based on the Redevelopment Master Plan, SBGP will be broken down into districts that will facilitate phasing of development while providing the themes that will enhance the sense of place of the various areas of the project. The districts will include Shopping Street District, Grand Outlets District, Mall District, Office District, Entertainment District, Convention Center District, Hill District, Lower Hill District, East District, Paradise District, Nature Strip and Riverside District. SBDMC is now awaiting the approval of the final draft of the Redevelopment Master Plan by SBMA.

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